I compiled some of my old blogs into 4 PDF files for easier readability and portability PDF – 217l Table of Contents (updated 2017-12-01) PDF – 215i-e Mission Preparations:  May-Sep 2015 PDF – 215f Egypt-Jordan-Israel Bible Study Tour:  Jun 2013 PDF – 213h Our Accident: Aug 2013 The 4th PDF (accident) Read More

i am …

    Who am I? …. What is my purpose?  This blog is my answer to the above questions:  This is an addition (unplanned) to a previous blog (“Beliefs, Faith, Application”).  As a former chemical engineer, I like to categorize, to label things.  So how do I label myself? From a political standpoint, I am Read More

Beliefs, Faith, Application

Belief-Faith-Application raywinnie,com   Read More

Verse Concepts

      New post: (201710) – Verses2013 accident ( Describes my primary verses during our post-accident recovery period       New post: (201710) – Verses2015 International China Concern ( Describes my primary verses during our volunteer/missionary period       New post: (201710) – Verses2017 current ( Describes my primary verses during our Read More

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