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Verse Concepts

      New post: (201710) – Verses2013 accident ( Describes my primary verses during our post-accident recovery period       New post: (201710) – Verses2015 International China Concern ( Describes my primary verses during our volunteer/missionary period       New post: (201710) – Verses2017 current ( Describes my primary verses during our Read More


Two new posts:  Some blog & post changes, cautions, permissions, and mistakes. New post: Part 1 (201709) – Blogging changes ( changes.pdf) Some changes about my blogging and posts and why are we blogging. New post: Part 2 (201709) – Mistakes ( I will make mistakes! Bear with me. note: to get posts, click on links above; or paste Read More

Our 30th Anniversary Gift

Two new posts: New post: Part 1 (201709) – Our 30th Anniversary ( Describes how we gave ourselves a 3-month long gift for our 30th anniversary New post: Part 2 (201709) – Tantur ( Describes what we will be doing in Israel for 3 months & what we hope to do. note: to get posts, Read More

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