Month: July 2015

Israel Trip

Do Not Deprive Others of Their Wilderness Experience

This is a tough call.  If I help somebody out of a tough situation, am I really helping them or am I telling God that He should keep that person out of the wilderness? (And if He  doesn’t, I will.) On the other, if I do not help, am I being uncompassionate and selfish or Read More

Seek His Discipline

A similar concept to ” Embrace the Wilderness” is “Seek His Discipline”.  I do not look upon discipline as punishment.  Punishment is when God decides to let me have my stupid choice and face its immediate consequences and its ultimate fate (eternal death).  Discipline may look and feel like punishment, but it is God showing Read More

Winnie Praying during Precept Ministries Training

Embrace the Wilderness

My first takeaway was “Embrace the Wilderness” (my paraphrase).  The wilderness is where I should struggle with God, not against God.  Many times in the past, I tried to avoid the wilderness. That was a mistake.  It is in the wilderness, that God brings me (see Moses, David, Jesus) .  It is in the wilderness, Read More

Ray and Winnie Egypt Trip

Egypt/Jordan/Israel Biblical Tour

Introduction This next series are my take-aways from an Israel/Egypt/Jordan Biblical Study Tour – a guided bible study, hiking trip led by George DeJong under GTI Tours.  In effect, we followed the footstep of Moses and the Israelites: in Egypt, in the desert, and as they entered Judah.  We have learned about the biblical meaning Read More

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