Month: August 2015

Aliyah and the Sabbath

Aliyah is returning to the Lord.  A relationship with God takes work,  It requires investment in time, energy and resources. It is not easy. it requires difficult choices. It requires that we acknowledge our sin and repent. It requires commitment. It requires living out a life/lifestyle that shows He is truly my Lord and Master, Read More

Know My Shepherd’s Voice

If I am a Christian, I know my Shepherd’s (Jesus) voice and I follow His commands. To know His commands, I need to read/know the Bible. I need to be in shalom.  Shalom is being in peace with God – being complete in God’s sight.  We have shalom when we obey God’s commands – from Read More

Seek God’s Portion for Me

My third takeaway was  “Seek God’s portion for me” (my paraphrase). One phrase we hear from George throughout the trip was: we shall see what God’s portion for us will be.  God’s portion for each of us will  probably be different. As such, I must be listening closely to hear God describe my portion to Read More

Insight on Forming a Community

God forms community in His timing – be patient If you see a need, fill it yourself – be a suffering servant like Jesus If someone offers to help, accept generously – be humble Do not whine, grumble or murmur – be content Accept help when offered and as is – be thankful Pray and Read More

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