Month: February 2016

An Abandoned Child but an Overcomer

My husband and I came to International China Concern (ICC) Hengyang. We have been serving almost four months here. In serving, we have not just been giving – we have been receiving also. The reason is we have been getting encouragement, inspirations, new insights for life, and…much more from observing the children at the ICC Read More

Impressions of Our First Three Months

This series of blogs is not a chronicle of our first three months as volunteers in a Chinese orphanage. Rather, it is a chronicle of what God has impressed on us (me/Ray in particular) and for me to remember what He has taught me. Because I do not have their permission, I am not identifying Read More

Why we haven’t updated in a while…

We haven’t written a blog entry in over three months. We haven’t blogged about our experience in China yet. Why? Writer’s block? But that is really a minor excuse. Busy? True, but again, a minor excuse.  No, the real reason is that we are semi-perfectionists when it comes to writing. We like to tell a Read More