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Verse Concepts

      New post: (201710) – Verses2013 accident ( Describes my primary verses during our post-accident recovery period       New post: (201710) – Verses2015 International China Concern ( Describes my primary verses during our volunteer/missionary period       New post: (201710) – Verses2017 current ( Describes my primary verses during our Read More

Dislocated Elbow

I dislocated my elbow today.  We walked to the ICC Center almost every time we go.  About 5 days a week, 45 weeks a year, about a 2-mile, 40-minute walk by the road.  There is a shortcut through the fields that is about a 1.5-mile, 30-minute walk.  Winnie was going to take some visitors by the Read More

Tourists, Culture Shock, and Pictograms

Tourists We entered China on a tourist visa, which meant that we had to leave China (and then reenter every 60 days. Since I was a tourist, I took a bunch of photos of the train and the passing countryside. We passed through small cities with a mix of modern buildings and very old buildings. Read More


My Goals Process I spent the last four months making my goals for the next few years. Normally, it would take about a month in the July/August time frame. It took this long because I had to adjust my goal process. Due to my memory problems, I just couldn’t remember my goals. And if I Read More

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