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My Goals Process I spent the last four months making my goals for the next few years. Normally, it would take about a month in the July/August time frame. It took this long because I had to adjust my goal process. Due to my memory problems, I just couldn’t remember my goals. And if I Read More

What God has Taught Me

We have been in China a little over 8 months as volunteers with International China Concern. In that time God has taught me many things. The three most impacting to me are as follows. The first is to have joy in the small things of life. Over the years, I have taken so much of Read More

Real Estate IRA

Real Estate IRA The brief story: I cashed out my stocks in my regular IRA (June); set up a real estate IRA and funded it with $800,000 (June/July); bought a house and hired a property manager (August); and fixed up the house (September +); renter moves in (Oct/Nov). Philippians 4:6  (NASB) – “Be anxious for Read More

Aliyah and the Sabbath

Aliyah is returning to the Lord.  A relationship with God takes work,  It requires investment in time, energy and resources. It is not easy. it requires difficult choices. It requires that we acknowledge our sin and repent. It requires commitment. It requires living out a life/lifestyle that shows He is truly my Lord and Master, Read More

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