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i am …

    Who am I? …. What is my purpose?  This blog is my answer to the above questions:  This is an addition (unplanned) to a previous blog (“Beliefs, Faith, Application”).  As a former chemical engineer, I like to categorize, to label things.  So how do I label myself? From a political standpoint, I am Read More

Beliefs, Faith, Application

Belief-Faith-Application raywinnie,com   Read More


Two new posts:  Some blog & post changes, cautions, permissions, and mistakes. New post: Part 1 (201709) – Blogging changes ( changes.pdf) Some changes about my blogging and posts and why are we blogging. New post: Part 2 (201709) – Mistakes ( I will make mistakes! Bear with me. note: to get posts, click on links above; or paste Read More

My dislocated elbow

New post: Part 2 (201707) – Insights after further reflection on dislocated elbow New post: Part 3 (201707) – Experiencing China’s medical system ..Old post: Part 1 (201706) – Reset my dislocated elbow by myself note: to get posts click on link above; the link will open a new page   Read More