Ray and Winnie Egypt Trip

Egypt/Jordan/Israel Biblical Tour


This next series are my take-aways from an Israel/Egypt/Jordan Biblical Study Tour – a guided bible study, hiking trip led by George DeJong under GTI Tours.  In effect, we followed the footstep of Moses and the Israelites: in Egypt, in the desert, and as they entered Judah.  We have learned about the biblical meaning behind the pyramids (and seen/walked them at Giza and Luxor) and learned about and practiced community as we hiked and camped/overnighted at Mt Sinai.  We learned about the role of Petra, Mt Arbell, Gamla/Zealots, Capernaum/righteous-ones, and Quarum/Essenes in biblical history – and visiting many of these sites made the lessons more impactful.  We learned that the Promised Land was about purpose – not about reward and not about paradise.

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