Mission Preparations

Starting in May 2015, we began preparing for a two year missionary/volunteer commitment with ICC (International China Concern) – even though our application had yet to be accepted.  (Click here for the background story.)  This is what we did in a 4-month period:

  1. Went on an Alaska cruise.
  2. Started a blog.
  3. Set up a real estate IRA and with it, bought a house for a pastor friend to rent.
  4. Went on a Bible Study tour of Egypt, Jordan and Israel.
  5. Sold half of our house.
  6. Sold our car; bought an older car.
  7. Downsized our possessions.
  8. Visited family in Los Angeles and New York.
  9. Made plans to visit family in  Hong Kong on the way to China.

If this seems like a lot, it is. Normally, we would not have attempted to do all this – even in a year. On stress factor scales, these combined were off the chart.  Yet I wasn’t stressed – because I was following God’s directions. That we did this even though my thought processes were not back to normal is even more amazing. But God provided.  He gave me/us what we needed when we needed it. He made our path smooth.  The following stories details how God provided for these nine actions and the blessings from them.

Luke 11:28 (ESV) But He said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”

Question: Where are You leading us?

My Response: I need to fight my desire to know the details and the plan. Many times, I just have to trust God and go on faith.

Insight: By going on faith, God’s full  blessings are unfolded and revealed. How many blessings have I missed in the past because I did not go on faith? How many partial blessings have I settled for in the past because I did not go on faith?

Written by Ray, R58-10-M-01-a

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