Our Accident – An Answer to Prayer


In August 2013, I was in a serious single-car accident, resulting in a 29-day coma (unconscious), a two-month hospitalization, and a year-long recovery.  I still have balance problems, problems multitasking, impaired short-term memory, and a permanent hearing loss in one ear.  Yet, I am thankful to God because the accident and the results from it have turned out to be an answer to prayer – a true blessing.Car accident front view

Yes, I did say the accident was an answer to prayer.  Not the answer I would have chosen – but His answer: an answer that took care of our (me and my wife’s) concerns and prepared us for our future.  If you follow my story from beginning to end, you may see why I came to this conclusion and see the glory of God.

In the following pages, I will describe to you the events before the accident, our prayer requests, the accident and its aftermath, and how our prayers were answered with the accident.

This writing is in the form of a narrative/devotional/testimonial/diary.  It is in this format primarily to help me to remember (what happened, what I asked for, what God showed me, what I felt, what I have learned, etc.) … to compensate for my short-term memory problems.

My wife, Winnie, and I are Christians.  Jesus is our LORD and SAVIOR.  My narrative is from that perspective.  Yet, I hope this narrative provides practical help/tools/encouragement for Christians and non-Christians alike.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

QUESTION:  How can God use this horrific event to advance His kingdom?

Ray in ICU right after the accidentMY RESPONSE:  When I first woke up, my first questions to myself were what happened and then why me.   I was bed-riddened.  I could barely move.  I was barely coherent.  I could barely keep awake.  I was sleeping over 20 hours a

day.  But I remembered this verse – to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.  When I did this, I slowly started to stop thinking solely about myself, to stop feeling sorry for myself, and to stop wondering what could have been.  Instead, I was able to focus on what was God’s plan and what was my part in it.  I believe this refocus helped me avoid a potential depression – something common with high achieving individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

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