...let us run with perseverance

Prayer Request #1: Perseverance

Our first prayer request was that we have the courage to persevere in following through with our plans to go on long-term missions.  The pull to stay was constant.  The encouragement to go was almost nonexistent.  The only thing that kept us from being discouraged was that we were able keep our focus on Jesus. Read More


Winnie and I were returning from a 12-day hiking/bible-study, guided trip to Turkey – to follow part of Paul’s missionary journey, to visit the seven churches mentioned in Revelations. and to better understand the historical biblical background of the Bible.  The plan was to fly into Los Angeles, visit our daughter (at college in Pomona) Read More

Our Accident – An Answer to Prayer

Introduction In August 2013, I was in a serious single-car accident, resulting in a 29-day coma (unconscious), a two-month hospitalization, and a year-long recovery.  I still have balance problems, problems multitasking, impaired short-term memory, and a permanent hearing loss in one ear.  Yet, I am thankful to God because the accident and the results from Read More

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