blessing in disguise

Prayer Request #5: Resolving Conflicting Goals

One of my spiritual gifts is giving.  Besides our tithe, our giving is primarily to support missions.  In support of this, a few years ago I made it a target to be able to deduct a cumulative $500,000 from my income taxes before I retire.  This works out to be about 15% of our lifetime Read More

Map of the World

Prayer Request #4: Where are we to go?

God said: Go.  Years ago, it was an answer to Winnie’s prayer and to my prayer – individually and unbeknown to each of us initially – until we talked.  It was also a command in the Bible (Matthew 28:19).  But we did not know where we should go.  We were going to let the mission board decide.  Read More

Passing the Baton

Prayer Request #3: Someone to Replace Us

We play an important roles in our family, church and work lives.  Although nobody could do what we do in the way we did it, somebody or several somebodies could replace us.  They could even do it better!  Or, they could do it initially worse, but could get better with training and encouragement.  But they could Read More

Holding back

Prayer Request #2: An End to Resistance

Our family and friends were either actively and/or passively resisting and/or discouraging our desire to go to the mission field.  It’s not that this was unexpected or a surprise to them. We talked about going on missions for 10 years. So, they had 10 years to prepare.  The only person who accepted our decision was Read More

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