Reflection: Purpose Statement

God laid it on my heart to redo my personal purpose statement this year. God made me with an unique purpose that only I can fulfill. My purpose seems to change as I grow, as I know Him and me more, as I work through life. The key word is “seems”. The purpose is always Read More

Lost Wedding Ring

Sept 2016 A month ago, I lost my wedding ring.  We have been married almost 29 years.  It is the only piece of jewelry I wear.  I don’t even wear a watch.  I usually take it off only for safety reasons – when I climbed or when I am working around rotating tools.  Usually, I Read More

Sept-2016: Accident – My 3rd anniversary in August

Last month (August), I celebrated the 3rd anniversary of my car accident.  Needless to say, the accident was life changing.  Physically, I went from a 29-day coma to walking several miles a day on flat terrain.  (I still wheeze going up hills and after about ten flight of stairs.  My balance problems still prevent me from Read More

Grateful For Help and Other Thoughts

May-2016: Grateful for the help. J is a young man in a wheelchair with the use of only one arm. He grew up with ICC and now lives and work at the center. I was tasked to make about thirty interlocking step boxes for the therapists to use in evaluating the children’s sitting, standing and Read More

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