Tourists, Culture Shock, and Pictograms

Tourists We entered China on a tourist visa, which meant that we had to leave China (and then reenter every 60 days. Since I was a tourist, I took a bunch of photos of the train and the passing countryside. We passed through small cities with a mix of modern buildings and very old buildings. Read More


My Goals Process I spent the last four months making my goals for the next few years. Normally, it would take about a month in the July/August time frame. It took this long because I had to adjust my goal process. Due to my memory problems, I just couldn’t remember my goals. And if I Read More

Reflection: Purpose Statement

God laid it on my heart to redo my personal purpose statement this year. God made me with an unique purpose that only I can fulfill. My purpose seems to change as I grow, as I know Him and me more, as I work through life. The key word is “seems”. The purpose is always Read More

Lost Wedding Ring

Sept 2016 A month ago, I lost my wedding ring.  We have been married almost 29 years.  It is the only piece of jewelry I wear.  I don’t even wear a watch.  I usually take it off only for safety reasons – when I climbed or when I am working around rotating tools.  Usually, I Read More

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