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R57-02-P   Our Accident – Answer to Prayer (original draft 5-2015)
Topic category: prayer
R57-02-P-01-a/b  Introduction and Background  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: accident
R57-02-P-02-a  Our Prayer Requests   (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: accident
R57-02-P-03-a/b  Prayer for  perseverance  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: accident, perseverance
R57-02-P-04-a/b  Prayer to end resistance  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: accident, obstacles
R57-02-P-05-a/b  Prayer to replace us  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: accident, obstacles,  workers
R57-02-P-06-a/b  Prayer for direction: where  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: accident, guidance, plans
R57-02-P-07-a/b  Prayer to resolve conflicting goals  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: accident, giving, plans
R57-02-P-07-c  My Giving Guidelines (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: giving
R57-02-P-08-a  Prayer for comfort, peace, and guidance (updated 6-17- 2015)
subtopic: comfort, peace, guidance
R57-02-P-09-a  Summary of Verses to live by – My Paraphrases  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: personal-theology, verses
R57-02-P-10-a  Is the accident a Blessing or Curse?  (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: personal-theology blessing, Lordship, obedience, trust
R57-02-P-11-a  God is in control. God provides.   (updated 6-17-2015)
subtopic: personal-theology, Lordship, trust, obedience

R59-01-T Ray’s Learnings from Israel/Egypt/Jordan Biblical Study Tour(original draft 6-2015)
Topic category: personal-theology, GTI-Tours
R59-01-T-02-a/b/c   Embrace the Wilderness and  Seek His Discipline (updated 7-25-2015)
subtopic: wilderness, guidance, plans, Egypt, character, helping, fruit, trust, obedience
R59-01-T-03-a/b/c/d  Building Community, pride (updated 7-25-2015)
subtopic: community, guidance, plans, Egypt, character, obedience, practice, personal-theology
R59-01-T-04-a/b   God’s portion and Moving On
(updated 7-25-2015)
subtopic:  guidance, plans, Egypt, trust,  character, obedience, practice, personal-theology
R59-01-T-05-a/b/c/d  Shepard, shalom, Sabbath, aliyah (updated 7-25-2015)
subtopic:  guidance, plans, Israel, shalom, sabbath, obedience, personal-theology, lifestyle


R58-10-M  Missions Preparations
  Topic category: missions
R58-10-M-01-a  Preparations  (updated 10-6-2015)
R58-10-M-02-a/b/c/d  Alaska cruise (updated 10-6-2015)
  subtopic: guidance, character, obedience, practice, lifestyle, blessings , abilities
R58-10-M-03-a/b  Blog (updated 10-6-2015)
   subtopic: discipleship, prayer, communication, character, abilities
R58-10-M-04-a/b/c  real estate IRA  (updated 10-6-2015)
   subtopic: finances, giving, stewardship, prayer, guidance, trust, personal theology
R58-10-M-05-a  Bible Study tour of Egypt, Jordan and Israel  (updated 10-6-2015)
  subtopic: community, character, rest
R58-10-M-06-a/b/c  Sold half of our house  (updated 10-6-2015)
  subtopic: community, plans, character, rest, prayer, trust, obedience, finances, blessings
R58-10-M-07-a  Sold our car; bought an older car (updated 10-6-2015)
  subtopic: consul, character, prayer, finances, blessings
R58-10-M-08-a/b/c/d  Downsizing (updated 10-6-2015)
  subtopic: consul, character, prayer, finances, blessings, guidance, plans, trust, obedience, giving, community
R58-10-M-09-a Trip Planning
 subtopic: character, abilities

Index system
I am using a personal index system to help me keep organized and to compensate for my short-term memory problems. For example, in
R57-02-P – The Accident – An Answer to Prayer (original draft 5-2015)
R57-02 stands for Ray and how old I am (age in years and months) of the event
-P = Prayer = is a top level category; others are:
-T = personal-Theology
-F = Finances
-C = Character
-L = Lifestyle
Subtopics can be tags for keyword searches

-01a, 01b, 02a, etc. are subparts or subarticle in the articles

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